Online Background Checks

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Do you know that you can search public records online? Small businesses can utilize our free public record search as an economical way to view the public criminal record of their current employees or the newly hired.

Parents, look at your babysitter.s public criminal record before trusting them to watch your children. Over 1 million adults and 200,000+ juveniles are arrested every year for drugs.

Avoid driving to the county courthouse and paying outrageous prices per page! The number of pages contained in legal documents for a single court case often number in the tens of thousands. Public court records such as marriage and divorce pleadings are now at your fingertips!

Are you a single woman? Protect yourself by looking up your prospective mates free public record online before you go on that date. Every year 100,000 women report that they are victims of forcible rape. Don’t become a statistic!

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